Zaurus Software

    On this page you will find some software compiled for Zaurus. Most of them are in .ipk format, so they are easy to install, like this:

ipkg install <path to the ipk>

or via the install package application.
UCLX compressor

ScummVM for Zaurus

Ultima 4 for Zaurus

Tower Toppler for Zaurus

Come back often to this page, because I will update these packages regularly....

UCLX compressor

    UCLX is an executable file compressor , for ARM base linux systems.  I wrote it for my Zaurus, but it should work on every ARM linux systems,
like the IPAQ..
It works like UPX on Linux.  Program are compressed, and they transparently decompress on execution. At the cost of a little lost of speed of execution, which is most of the time, unnoticeable...
It give very good compression ratios, in general better than gzip.
For example:
zmame executable orig. size    ---> 13.701.876 bytes
compressed with UCLX (level 10)  --> 3.250.162    (23.7 %   of orig. size)

another example ?  ok...

opera executable (the one in the sharp rom) orig.size    -->  2.892.256 bytes
compressed with UCLX (level 10)   -->  1.055.653 bytes   (36.5 % of orig.size)

Decompression is very fast, so you can compress all your executable on your Zaurus to economize your precious RAM...!!

    UCLX compressed file , are first decompressed in  /tmp/  directory,  then the temporary file is deleted while it is executed..
It proceed exactly like UPX do for decompressing executable on Linux, this way has been proven to be stable, well working.
You can set the UCL environnement string, to decompress temporary file to another place, for example in your .bashrc
put-->   set UCL=/mnt/cf/temp/
to decompress temporary file to compactflash instead of /tmp/ dir,  but in general it is not needed...

the syntax to use UCLX is very simple:

for compression:        uclx -z file level      (level is between 1 to 10)
for decompression:   uclx -d file

here is UCLX Zaurus executable:   uclx_arm

here is UCLX x86 executable:   uclx_i386

with the x86 executable you can compress you Zaurus executable, on your computer, which is usefull for big executable that are slow
to compress... then you just transfer them to you Zaurus once compressed...

here is the UCLX source code:  uclx_src.tgz

UCLX and its sourcecode is free, so you can use it in your projects, just send me an email...  (


little change today: --> 02/06/2003
Now the GUI is working in Zaurus version of v0.4.1.  I have make some sourcecode change, so you can add new game & start games, without modifying .scummvmrc manually, hope you will appreciate it... :)
The .ipk have the same name, but it is the new one....

    A port of Scummvm last official version v0.4.1 to the Zaurus.
Install the .ipk package, then create whith a text editor, a configuration file named:  .scummvmrc in your home directory,  /home/root/ on the Zaurus.  Set your savepath as you want, I use /mnt/cf/scummvm  for example to put savegames on compactflash.
exemple of  .scummvmrc:


then add an entry for each game you have installed, with its path, example:

description=Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (256)

You then launch, the wanted game, via command line:
scummvm zak256
scummvm -x1 zak256
to launch zak256 & load the first savegame

ipk package --> scummvm_0.4.1_arm.ipk

Here is the patch against ScummVM v0.4.1 sourcecode, to make it compile and work on Zaurus.
Get the standard ScummVM v0.4.1 distribution at:

decompress source code with:
tar xfvj scummvm-0.4.1.tar.bz2
cd scummvm-0.4.1
patch -p1  < scummvm-0.4.1-zaurus.patch

then edit Makefile, to change the path of your gcc cross-compiler,  if it is needed..
I use /opt/Embedix/tools as path, like in standard zgcc-2.95  distribution available at


XU4 for Zaurus

 15/3/2004:   version 0.9 of XU4 ipk package released..

    XU4 is a port of Ultima 4 on linux. It is a work in progress,  but start to be quite playable actually..
Have a look to their homepage for more info:

    Well, I have compiled last version of XU4 (v0.9) on Zaurus.   I have make very little change, to source code in fact...
    With the last XU4 version (0.9),  the game is now finishable.. The game have been improve a lot , and many new options have been added , to make the game easier to play.
    You can access these options, under the Configure menu, in game title page.
The .ipk package contains all you need to play it on Zaurus, I have included the original Ultima 4 files, because they are needed to play..

You can exit the game, with the Zaurus HOME key...

PS: XU4 seems to have some problems with OpenZaurus 3.2.  This seems to be related to SDL & OpenZaurus. Personnally I don't use OpenZaurus ROMS , so I can not help you with this... sorry...

XU4 v 0.9 for Zaurus just need  libSDL get it them from:

.ipk package---> xu4_0.9_arm.ipk

Tower Toppler for Zaurus

    Well , I am 29 years old, and people of my age must remember this goold old game NEBULUS.
It was a platform game, very addicting, of the time of the C64 & Amstrad CPC.

I have ported it to Zaurus. It is exactly as good as the original one...
You can play it with direction arrow, & space or  menu key for fire
Use Cancel key to exit the game..
You can also design you own level,  but I don't know how....
have a look to toppler homepage for more infos  -->

Tower Toppler  for Zaurus just need  libSDL get it from:

ipk. package --> toppler_0.97.1_arm.ipk

toppler img